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SUSINCHAIN Scenario Workshop, Porto, Portugal

Dear Readers and friends of SUStainable INsect CHAIN (SUSINCHAIN),

In front of you is edition 7 of the SUSINCHAIN newsletter. Conferences could be organised physically or hybrid again after a long period. At the beginning of June, the Insects to Feed the World conference, attended by more than 581 participants, took place in Quebec, Canada. From September 5 to 9 the 73rd Annual Meeting of EAAP will be organized in Porto (Portugal) with 6 half-day insect sessions (https://eaap2022.org/) and from September 14 to 16 INSECTA will be organized in Gießen (Germany). At all these conferences, knowledge is disseminated in many presentations from the SUSINCHAIN project.

Recently a Strategic Scenario & Foresight Workshop 'Possible futures for the insect supply chain in Europe' was organized to frame different scenarios for development of the European insect supply chain. A good number of diversified stakeholders from industry, academics, and others were present to develop future scenarios for the insect sector based on certain relevant drivers. Thanks to the stakeholders for their input and thanks to Frank Alleweldt, Raffaele Zanoli, and Ana Fernandes for the well organized and structured workshop.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and wishing you a nice summer season.

Teun Veldkamp, Wageningen Livestock Research, coordinator of SUSINCHAIN

Project updates

SUSINCHAIN interactive workshop in Porto contributes to a number of foresight and scenario envisioning tasks on protein provision for feed and food in Europe

SUSINCHAIN Scenario Workshop - plenary session

The two-day interactive workshop took place in Porto on June 30 - July 1st. The event gathered 19 participants and aimed to discuss the list of drivers affecting the future development of insect-as-food/feed sector in Europe as well as develop the scenarios of the insects’ sector future.

During the workshop, participants in 2 groups had been developing scenario storylines, 1 focusing on the insect-as-food sector and the other one focusing on the insect-as-feed sector. As well each group discussed how drivers may be combined to form storylines for insect food /feed sector by 2035 in EU.

As a result of a group work, synthetic schemes for final scenarios were produced. After the critical discussion the full set of four stories together in a coherent format was brought, so that each was distinct from the others, yet all four formed a related set.

SUSINCHAIN Scenario Workshop – working groups

Activities on Exploitation, Communication and Dissemination

SUSINCHAIN attended the 4th Insects to Feed the World Conference in Québec

SUSINCHAIN’s partners at the 4th Insects to Feed the World Conference

The SUSINCHAIN partners attended the 4th Insects to Feed the World Conference held in Québec City (and online), from June 12 to 16, 2022. The conference gathered academics and experts from around the world to exchange on the latest advancements in the field of edible insects and entotechnologies and to discuss a wide range of topics, including ethno-entomology, insect production systems, circular economies and environmental sustainability, and non-food applications of insects.

This event aimed to facilitate the dialogue and the exchange of research results on the use of insects in the context of food and feed security and promoting innovation for the sector. Pioneers and experts in the field as well as businesses looking to market edible insects attended the event.

SUSINCHAIN’s presentations at the EAAP annual conference 2021 event available here: https://susinchain.eu/news-calendar/news/


Horizon4Protein collaboration

Horizon4Proteins is a cluster of 4 EU funded projects, who are developing alternative protein foods and feed to respond to this increasing demand. The Cluster seeks to demonstrate the suitability and economic viability of next generation proteins as part of food and feed value chains by:

• Developing high quality, safe, nutritious, sustainable food ingredients, such as microalgae, single cells, insects, and protein crops
• Developing novel technologies and production processes to meet the criteria of EU regulatory framework and safety constraints

Assess and share Horizon4Proteins’solutions towards a more resilient food system. More information here

Horizon4Protein factsheet

Spotlights & Media Room

SUSINCHAIN interview on Wageningen University - European research collaborations magazine on Improving insect rearing food and feed. More information here:




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